Getting legal help

Other ways we can help

If you do not qualify for a lawyer to represent you, there are other ways that we might be able to help.

Over the phone

When you call we can help you in over 300 languages and you can:

  • get referrals to help with your legal problem (such as duty counsel and legal clinics)
  • get referrals to other agencies
  • talk to a lawyer for a maximum of 20 minutes if you have a family legal problem and you qualify. The lawyer (called an advice lawyer) will give you general legal advice and explain what you can do to help with your legal case. Check the table below to see if you qualify for advice lawyer services.

Day of court

If you qualify, and need legal help on your day of court, you can talk to our lawyers (they are called duty counsel) at the courthouse. Duty counsel can:

  • give you advice and information
  • tell you about your rights and what you have to do
  • tell you how the court process works
  • in some cases, help you with your documents
  • in some cases, represent you

Check the table below to see if you qualify for duty counsel services.

Number of family members How much money does your family earn in a year?
1 $22,720
2 $32,131
3 $39,352
4 $45,440
5+ $50,803