Getting legal help

Mental health legal issues

Do you have a mental health issue or addiction and need legal help?

We might be able to help if you qualify and if:

  • you are being held in a psychiatric facility and you do not want to be
  • you have been found incapable of making treatment decisions
  • you need help with a fitness hearing
  • you need help with an Ontario Review Board (ORB) or a Consent and Capacity Board (CCB) hearing
  • you need a lawyer for criminal court (including mental health court and drug treatment court)
  • a Superior Court of Justice has told the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee to apply for legal aid for you

Who can help me apply for legal aid?

  • A support person or substitute decision maker
  • A lawyer at a courthouse called duty counsel
  • A patient advocate/rights advisor at a mental health hospital or facility
  • A social worker or case manager
  • A legal aid staff worker at a courthouse or a prison

If you qualify for legal aid and need a lawyer, we can help you find one.