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Getting legal help

Domestic abuse

We can help you if you are experiencing domestic abuse and need legal help.

Two hours of free legal advice

If you need legal advice right now about:

We will pay a lawyer to give you two hours of free legal advice. You do not have to qualify for legal aid. You can ask about this service at a shelter, community agency or a legal clinic. They will then give you a referral voucher so that you can get two hours of free legal advice from a lawyer. Only lawyers with experience in domestic abuse issues can provide this service. All lawyers who accept these vouchers must be trained to help clients who tell us they have experienced domestic abuse. Your shelter or legal clinic can help you find a trained lawyer. You can also use our "Find a Lawyer" tool on our website.

If you need a lawyer to represent you in court

Check the table below to see if you qualify for legal aid. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please tell us when you apply because we have special services. If you qualify, we will help pay for a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer has to be from this list.

We can help if you have:

Number of family members For domestic abuse cases
1 $22,720
2 $32,131
3 $39,352
4 $45,440
5+ $50,803

What is domestic abuse?

Abuse is never ok. There are laws in Ontario that protect you from domestic abuse. Find out more. Sharing information with us will help us give you the service you need. We will only share your information if you give us permission to tell someone like a staff member at a shelter for abused women or a counsellor.