Getting legal help

Landlord/tenant legal issues

If you have a problem with your landlord, you may qualify for free legal help.

Some reasons you may need legal help:

  • Your home or the building where you live has rats, cockroaches, bed bugs or other pests.
  • Your home does not have the basic services. For example, your home does not have heat or electricity
  • Your landlord wants to:
    • raise your rent in fewer than 90 days
    • raise your rent by more than what the law allows
    • ask you to pay for something you do not think you should have to pay for
    • evict you

How to get help

You can get help from a legal clinic. A legal clinic will not charge you for legal advice, but they may ask you to pay for certain fees such as court filing and medical record fees.

Find a legal clinic near you.

You can also speak with a clinic lawyer (they are called duty counsel) at a landlord and tenant board office. You do not need an appointment, with duty counsel but it is first come, first served. Priority is given to people facing an eviction hearing.

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