Getting legal help



Are you between 12 and 17? Have the police charged you with a crime?

You or your parents can call us.


We can help you if Children's Aid has your children. Go to our legal aid lawyer at the family courthouse (they are called duty counsel) and that lawyer may:

  • help you get an access order, which is supervised time with your children, or another temporary order that allows you time with your children.
  • help with a referral to the Office of the Children's Lawyer. You have to have this referral if you have never been married and you are 18 years old or younger.

We may also pay for a lawyer if:

  • you are 22 or younger and you want the person who is caring for your child to give you access.
  • you are a young person who wants to have access to your siblings.
  • you are 22 or younger and want child support from your parents.