Financial eligibility update: Thousands more low-income people getting legal aid certificates

Friday, October 2, 2015

Over the past three months, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) issued legal aid certificates to nearly 5,650 more low-income Ontarians, compared to the same three months last year. This welcome increase is due to LAO’s expansion of eligibility criteria over the past year.

Between June 1 and August 31, LAO issued, throughout Ontario, certificates to:

  • more than 9,000 adults charged with minor Criminal Code offenses such as mischief under $5,000, thief under $5,000 and simple assault—an increase of 34 per cent over the year before
  • nearly 3,400 people experiencing domestic violence as part of their family law case—an increase of 71 per cent over the year before
  • more than 2,100 people in other family law cases—an increase of 62 per cent over the year before.

LAO will continue to monitor certificate uptake affected by the new financial eligibility criteria, and provide further updates as they become available.

Learn more about LAO’s expansion of financial eligibility criteria in the past year.


Genevieve Oger
Senior Communications Media Relations Officer
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